a ghost. To flinch, to start, as a horse does at a visible object. N.

A glossary of provincial and local words used in England. . 1790.

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  • Bogle — Bo gle, n. [Scot. and North Eng. bogle, bogill, bugill, specter; as a verb, to terrify, fr. W. bwgwl threatening, fear, bwg, bwgan, specter, hobgoblin. Cf. {Bug}.] A goblin; a specter; a frightful phantom; a bogy; a bugbear. [Written also… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Bogle — A bogle, boggle or bogill is the Scots term for a folkloric creature with a fierce temper, it is probably from the Middle English Bugge (of which bogey is also derived) which is a cognate of the German term word bögge (of which böggel mann (… …   Wikipedia

  • bogle — also boggle noun Etymology: origin unknown Date: circa 1505 dialect British goblin, specter; also an object of fear or loathing …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • bogle — /boh geuhl, bog euhl/, n. a bogy; specter. Also, boggle. [1495 1505; bog (var. of BUG bugbear) + LE] * * * …   Universalium

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  • bógle — North Country (Newcastle) Words a spectre or ghost, a mursey bug bear. N d and D m …   English dialects glossary

  • bogle — (Roget s Thesaurus II) noun A supernatural being, such as a ghost: apparition, bogey, bogeyman, eidolon, ghost, phantasm, phantasma, phantom, revenant, shade, shadow, specter, spirit, visitant, wraith. Informal: spook. Regional: haunt. See BEINGS …   English dictionary for students

  • bogle — n. demon, ghost; unidentified airplane (Military slang) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • bogle — noun 1》 a phantom or goblin. 2》 Scottish & N. English a scarecrow. Origin C16: of unknown origin; prob. related to bogey2 …   English new terms dictionary

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